Thai Muscle Camp

Thai Muscle Camp

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You are invited to the much anticipated Thai Muscle Camp, hosted by Rohan Reid.
Get ready to discover yourself during this intensive week, which is set to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit.
This is not a “power lift” and “grunt” kind of camp. We take you through and teach you the tools you need to harness the strength of your mind.
You will learn that there is a higher power than anything you have ever experienced when you engage in our spiritual teachings.  You will learn Self-mastery with elements of Buddhist Philosophy.
With the motivational and collaborative environment, you will grasp at these “mind over matter” learnings and use them for your Weight Training and Cardio Training activities.
These daily training sessions are headed by professional, experienced and accredited Body Builders, who understand the intricate balance and science to develop individualized programs for optimum health.
Using the Body Building techniques that our team of expert trainers have over 65-years of combined experience in, we will train you and allow you the confidence to create the body shape you have always wanted, and provide you with the foundations for optimal health and becoming ageless.
The mind, body, and spirit training you will experience during these 8 days of intensity will provide you with the foundations for optimal health and greater quality of life.

With a focus on holistic health and activities that isolate the core areas the body, this event is designed for all.

Enjoy a discovery of newfound strength through our training workshops, which will strengthen your mind, body, and, spirit.

Our programs are designed by master body shapers to help you fulfil your goals.

This is an empowering event that is not to be missed!


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The Details: Thai Body Muscle Camp

Thai Muscle Body camp runs every two months.

Upcoming Thai Muscle Camps

Date: June 23 – July 2

Location: Pattaya, Thailand (The camp location will be sent to you following your booking.)

Event Inclusions

  • Detailed resources on the event, including schedules, cultural rules and guidelines, and “do and don’ts”
  • Most Meals
  • Full Supplement Program
  • Daily Cardio Training
  • Daily Weight Training
  • Six Thai Massages
  • Accommodation in a private service apartment with a kitchen, private bathroom, and balcony
  • Local Market Tours
  • Cultural Tour
  • Translators (if necessary)

Options and Extras

  • Luxury Spa Treatments
  • Informative Seminars on health and Self-Nurture
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Four Special Meals (Optional)


Your holistic experience will be guided by two of the world’s most experienced master body shapers, with insights from Australia , Europe and USAImagine how you will feel coming home with new-found respect and kindness for your body, as well as a strengthened mind and soul.


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How much does it cost?

It costs $3350 (not including flights). Only a deposit of $750 is needed initially – the rest is paid at the site. We do not take full payment until you have arrived in Thailand and are comfortable and happy with the facilities.


Do you run a 3-month program?

The truth of the matter is – you can do training better at home. But that’s only once you have harnessed the foundations and tools we provide you with at the camp.


If I can train better at home, then why do I need to go to Thailand for this camp?

If you are yet to learn the tools needed to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit – then there is your first good reason. The second reason is one backed by legitimate studies and science.

Scientifically speaking, if you want to accelerate the way you learn or process information, you need to step completely out of your normal learning environment you want to learn faster, you need to get out of your normal learning environment. This is why Thailand is the perfect location for your complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation. 


Will I receive a detailed schedule?

We have a centralized Google calendar with all activities and events scheduled. These individual events and activities also include directions and detailed information. Once you’re all booked into the Thai Body Muscle Camp, you will be invited to all these events through Google. You will receive daily alerts and resources for individual events.


What happens during the camp? What’s a typical day like?

A normal day at the camp consists of early mornings with cardio training, breakfast, weight training, massages, lunch, spiritual teachings, outings into the town, and dinner.


Can I party during the camp?

Following our dinners, you are free to do as you please. Although we cannot stop you from drinking alcohol and partying, we discourage this activity during the camp program. Treat the camp as a detox and a body-nurturing experience.


Will it be like a holiday/vacation but with exercise? 

The Thai Body Muscle Camp is an intense experience that requires full-body dedication. There are delicious meals, tours, and massages included so it may feel like a holiday at times, however, this is truly a body transformation camp that requires energy and dedication. If you are seeking a holiday as well, it is recommended that you book additional days in Thailand for after the camp so you can relax and reward your hard efforts.


Will it be too intense of scary?

The Thai Body Muscle Camp is designed for anyone, male or female, over the age of 18. Although the Thai Muscle Body Camp may seem intimidating, once you arrive you will find that you are in a supportive environment, which makes you feel safe and at times – invincible!


Am I fit enough for this camp? What’s the intensity of it?

Our coaches understand that every individual has different body goals and personal limits, this is why we make sure to cater to individuals needs. Every fitness program will change from person to person. The intensity of the program will be completely dependent on your current ability.


Is Pattaya Safe?

Pattaya is known for its lively party scene, and although the premises of the camp will be removed from this atmosphere, you may feel inclined to venture out. It is not recommended that you venture out on the streets of Pattaya by yourself, regardless of your gender. Venturing out alone could leave you vulnerable to scams and predators.


Will I get time to relax?

The camp is designed as a holistic, health experience. People are not encouraged to go off and spend their time in the bars. This camp will provide you with the tools you didn’t have when you left your home country, so it’s important that you dedicate your time in Thailand to your training. 



thai muscle body camp