Personal Training

Personal Training in South Melbourne!

No two people are the same, nor are two bodies. In a world where each body is individual in its own right, our approach to personal training is catered to each Body Matrix member as exactly that – an individual.

Throughout the journey we call life, we reach different levels of fitness and with that our goals may change. Our team of professional coaches are here to guide you on the path to meeting whatever fitness goals and expectations you choose to set for yourself. If you’re committed to improving your health and fitness, we are too.   


We train at our private gym facility or in the park as client needs and weather dictate.

We promise to educate, motivate & inspire you to get those fitness results you desire via our personalised training here at our gym in South Melbourne.

WARNING: Side effects include: burning unwanted body fat, improving your cardio, improving your upper body, lower body and core strength. You will also have a lot of fun!